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Savvy Females members club bring incredible women together to positively impact their professional, spiritual and emotional growth !

I am super duper thrilled to announce that SAVVY FEMALES FINALLY ARE LAUNCHING A ONLINE MEMBERSHIP!!!


A platform for us to keep growing together and bring both our business and personal life to the next level.


The  membership include monthly interactive masterminds where we work in groups on highly relevant topics. 


Masterminds instead of masterclasses, as a space to exchange knowledge, hold each other accountable and empower each other to grow. 


To fully embrace change and growth we got to actively pursue transformation. This is the space for you to do just that.


We believe in the power of unity for us to expand and achieve more in business and life.


Here everyone participate in the conversation and get equal attention. Every meeting we work through engaging tasks that makes sure that everyone always leave the meeting with great value.


Examples on monthly topics can be, money mindset, sales, alignment, potential activation etc. 


Can't wait for you to join us sis!


Tove Lovisa Bergkvist/CEO Savvy Females



The membership is flexible - You can sign up for either  - 1 year - 3 months - 1 month 

  • Monthly Masterminds

    Monthly topic related masterminds. Interactive meetings where we work together to achieve our goals in a group environment. Every month with experts onboard for top notch advices. 

  • Membership portal

    Members area with a new content bundle every month.

    Related to f.ex money mindset, sales, self-sabotage , potential activation, success mastery etc.    

  • Private accountability FB-group

    Members only group for interactive accountability work.

  • Exclusive Opportunities

    Always access to the BEST prices from our Savvy collaboration partners. F.ex mentorship, legal advices, photo shoots, worldwide access to awesome places to host retreats and workshops and more.

Find a plan that’s right for you.

Every plan comes with a 30-days money back guarantee.



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Normal price $197,-

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